17, Nov, 2019
Dragon Ball Legends – Which Things to Do in the Game?

Dragon Ball Legends – Which Things to Do in the Game?


In, Dragon Ball Legends, there are ample of things to do in the game, and I suggest you complete the daily tasks and events for more bonuses and rewards. You will gain many things in the game, such as hero fragments, skin fragments, battle points, magic dust, and different types of emblems, and so on. You can use these rewards for various purposes.

1. Daily Activities – If you want to take more rewards and bonuses, then you should log in the game daily. Let’s discuss daily task activities in the following paragraphs.

•    . Free Chest – You can gather one chest for free every hour.

•    . Daily Rewards – A list of tasks that you can do to earn experience and activity points. These tasks reset every 24 hours.

•    . Medal Chest – If you gain 10 points, then you can easily unlock medal chest once a day.

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When you finish a certain amount of daily tasks, then you will able to claim extra weekly activity chests and battle points.

Special Events –There are different types of events available in Dragon Ball Legends. Let’s discuss all of them.

Bane’s Treasure – This is a new event which comes in the last few months, and it seems to last two weeks. If you want to take benefit of this event, then you should complete all the quests on each island, and you will be able to receive some exclusive rewards like bane hero and his skin.

Daily Login – It will receive lasts 7days, and you can take one gift each day when you will log in the game.

Final Words

In a Nutshell, gamers have to understand all the above-mentioned things which help you to collect many rewards and bonuses in Dragon Ball Legends.